Friday, May 1, 2015


Like him I have craved it,
A swamp free of flies
And quiet with the willows
Shady necks of geese
Wander on by
And I know that somewhere,
Somehow, you are feeling
The same thing
The rippling breeze
Rustles my skirt
I cannot tell you
The sensuous quality it
Bare skin and cotton filminess,
Which lifts with the wind
As the sky darkens,
An ominous gust whips my hair from my face
I catch the first pellets of rain on my tongue and
Wish that the wind could
Deliver you to the shores of the lake
So we could shiver together
Under a moth eaten blanket,
And crush our sweaty bodies
Down, on to the earth;
With the geese and the swans
Honking loudly, flapping their wings
We laugh and breathe
Because these are the things in life
Closer to each others
Lips inhaling the musty blanket
The nettled cloth pricks our skin
Our smiles become one,
Your frame hovers closely above me,
Silently we lay.