Thursday, December 29, 2011

For A While

For a while I couldn't dream, it was like
a sad part of myself killed the dreaming
I would sleep like a stone hitting the bottom of a pond
The murky middle alone with me
The time of death, of dying surrounded
And the days before, when what you were talked to me
I remember more about the times you weren't there
I thought God must be like this, all powerful
Though you weren't really
Only flesh and bone, my father
In your dying I sprang forward
Growing into my true self
When I did dream, I was on an island
An otherworldly glow filtered through
And a field of daisies danced high in the wind
I saw a freighter passing and knew
It was you
Going on into the light
And when I woke, my heart ached
to be back there with
the green hills, the hallelujah light
instead of where I could not touch your skin
Because I saw,
I saw it before you became ashes
They said it there, that a member of the family had to view
I said yes - you looked so still
I had no fear of saying the wrong thing
You were not there anymore

 Muzaffer Mehmet ErSelcuk 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lie In You (Shaman Circle Mantra)

I lie in you

And around you

I am your beauty

I am your song

I am the earth

Surrounding & circular

The power of which

Lifts me higher

Spiraling to ascension

I am free

I am strong

I have a choice

I pick my lives

Sculpture by Henry Moore


Eyes and eyebrows to/your soul/
blue and a tongue and lips i/
could almost feel/on mine/
but I didn't dream about you
/just everybody else/and moving by me/
or standing next to me you/
feel the molecules move/as they do/
when there's a breeze/
when I fall into/the blue water/
deep pools/ that show/
my reflection and/I would love to/
but can't/taste something/of your skin/
the salt/the wax/they way 
your blue jeans fall/around your hips/
your ankles and/the way you walk/the width across 
your back/and the brown of your hair/pointing 
/your features/pointing at me/who me?
/fall on me then breathe/naturally/
with vision of the future/
because my eyes/have seen yours

 Gustav Klimt "The Bride" - unfinished

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So much
Wasted talent
From those
Who are
Unable to
Jump out
Of their minds.
Relax and
The air
Is fantastic
For those
On the
Try it,
The fall
Might be
Worth it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something Different

The smell of brine and sea spray
The hum of a cricket or car
LA on fire
The sultry heat of what should be summer
But is not
An orange fireball of a moon
So much information, my head
Is about to explode
Marvin Gaye singing "Mercy Me"
Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize
Did the environment do this to my son
Or did I?
If I knew then, what I know now
A mantra that does me no good
I have no choice
But to change
And to take the chance
A mother approached Condoleezza Rice
With blood on her hands
They arrested her
Which I didn't understand
To lose her son
Just pick the war
This is a time of change she said
I agreed
I could feel it in the air we breathe
I could feel it in the way
You looked at me like
I was someone different

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

City of Angels

City of Angels

I bend with the sway of New Year's Eve
Seated by the heat
A summer in LA isn't easy
Migrant workers chase the Sunset Strip
The freeways
Stocked like grocery store isles with
High class SUVs
Lemon, orange and lime trees fall heavy
Fruit pushing forth like cataclysmic babies
Into the greasy palms of my hand
I worked this neighborhood out sweating
To find another with pointed steeples
Gothic arches overgrown with ivy
The succulent is a plant that replenishes
From within
A seed of life
The lore of an enabled tragedy
On top of which grows a dense bougainvillea
All is destroyed and reborn again
In the city of Angels