Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Gentle Man

The minute you got up
and shook my hand
I saw you
as a gentleman
A gentle man
There was a greening
in your eyes
A picture like a 
film projected
telling me of faraway 
And things you'd seen
and done
There was something
old fashioned
in everything you did
in every move you made
in every word you said
I imagine that

you'd be the one
to tell me
how it should be
and I would actually
I cannot even go there
to think about
what sweat and hard
work do
to the taste of your lips
It's too early for that
There's too much
mystery that still needs to exist
for me to love you 

That Was Mine, too

The orange cast of the sun
put out the fire from
when we were one
I sit and stare at 
my tea
rich from the time when
you were with me
The cold table top
didn't feel so cold
when your hand
unthinking reached out
in the morning light
to catch my pinkie
and say
You are mine always
I sip and turn the
unaware of how precious
this time was
The pressure of your
That was mine, too