Friday, November 7, 2014

Clear Skies (twitter poem)

Clear day jet cuts the sky surfer seals stand against Catalina runners/beach angels congregate warm air completes me sun tugs at the blue

Friday, April 18, 2014

Living/Dying (for John)

The hole in my heart
How does it heal?
The birds scattered their
movements to the wind
Music made me want
to always be with you
forever in sound
And when I drove
I imagined you behind
the wheel
You gave me a push
and the road glided on by
The clouds moved
and the first sprinkles
of rain fell
as if crying for
the physical dimension
that is this Earth
All the pain and pleasure
All of this
is ours
to play with until
that time that we
run free
Free of the heaviness
but not of the love
The place you showed me
that morning in the dark
My movements floated
on air
There was such peace
a lightness hard to
describe in the words
we have here
Another space where the
body is not the body
but the soul is eternal
I didn't have to cry anymore
It's that place
Where the flowers kiss
the breeze
The sunlight is bright - a brilliance
not of this Earth
and the ships pass on by
I will see you there
In living we are dying and
in dying we are living


People disappeared into the mist
Like heartbeats thumping
And the same sight I saw before
Was still there
20 years later
I tripped again and again
My own angel was following
Telling me I was lost
In those long flowing robes I first
Saw him in
Lost in the deserts of Egypt
Where I had been before
And rode on a camel
Seeing the sky and many lights
We are here on the Earth
Yet not here, he said
Hold my hand forever
For I will always be here
And always have been
I woke from the dream laughing
So hard the tears cramped my eyes
Now I remember the desert, his hand,
And the sky
The wonder that most turn a blind eye
And through the many lives I've lived
All different places, different times
Have not left me unwanting 

 Lost in the Sand by Mimo Khair