Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Space Between

I start gathering / deaths / like a bouquet / of roses / daisies / like thorns / or sunshine / bless the minutes / the space between / what happened / and what was / pictures reflecting / lamplight / flashlight / the flash / of a soul / smiles in print / forever / or until the earth burns out / its mighty light / we are each other's keepers / and memories are the flame / that flickers / through the night / be my friend / and love me / as I have loved you / honor me / with your life / because ours is fleeting / and we are / but a dot / on the map / of time

Sunday, January 3, 2016

None Nearer to Me Than You

When I first arrived
You sniffed the air like
An animal at hunt
Closing in on me
Your eyes caught a look
Of recognition of
Some time past, some
Unexplainable sadness
And desire
A strength full of centuries
Turned to dust.

Then later after a while
We knew each other's words
And laughed like children
Who know the Truth
In life is free

Happiness bloomed with the spring
Everything innocent and fresh
Jacaranda came into being
Purple as always a mess
Left a stain on the sidewalk
And I realized a stain
Remained of the past.

Trying to avoid karma, and lessons
And all that
I slid into nothingness, just happy to ride straight as an arrow telling the truth as
I saw it


Lie Still

Lie still
And love me,
Not in the way that you were taught
Or in the way that it used to be,
But in the way you need air to breathe.

Love me like a breath of fresh air,
Like a ray of light,
Like a mother's stare
Upon her newborn babe
Love me in the sea,
In the grass with the bugs and insects
Waiting for our picnic

Love me, oh do.
Now, there, forever!
Last like nothing has.

Andrew Wyeth, Turkey Pond 1944 

Hide & Seek

I can't run
I can't take my eyes
off of you
I fling my arm against
The wall - broken
In anger
If I could only do
The things you do
To me
To you
You wouldn't find yourself
Staring at me so
With all the others around
I don't care
I don't care if they
See me
I don't care if I'm knocked to the ground
Pounded into a wall
Looking at you
I could die that way
I probably should
I'd make an effort
I'd have tried
To get your attention
But you'd have to
With all the hide and seek
Make the next move

Like a Cancer

Like a cancer you spread on my mind
more lustful than Chinese food on a 
hot hungry night
And the motion we share
deepens with every
ring of solitude spare
Hunting your mystery
keeps me haunting your history
We fill our stomachs
with each others food
and eat from each others plates
It staves off the hunger for just
one more minute until
I feel this
That you and
Your scorching presence and
My reflection in your eyes
Which match yours in mine
Render all my questions useless

A Mile in the Sky

Jade rings around your eyes
as Hollywood sings,
time worn true and onward
marches like little soldiers and
sets the souls on fire
Vibrations swirl with the slightest emotion,
wind on a dandelion's tail
For our lives are
a precious flowing river,
a dangling lava sea
that reaches out
burning a hole through the bed,
blazing a trail scorched
through hurricane jungle mists,
Rising above
Like a mile in the sky