Sunday, January 15, 2012


The street was crowded
and at every corner
I turned and
thought of the muse
that shimmered
like a diamond
soaked fog
on the San Francisco Bay
I used to sit there and watch
the still shots of
life surrounding me
a long time ago, it seems
but it wasn't
it's like painting a picture
something always escapes,
an elusive detail robbing
the canvas
colors run together slowly making
life of what was just
gray matter
moving fast forward, I stop the
train and turn to look over
The palette
it almost had me thinking otherwise
but it made perfect sense.

 Painting by Mark Rothko


I wonder, I wonder
I move and sometimes the air
Moves with me
I see you
I look up
I see your eyes
And wonder about the way
I shift in my shoes
As your pupils gaze at me
I become deaf and realize you've been talking to me
I wonder what you would do
If I put my finger on your cheekbone
Under your eyes
Looking at me
And traced down the map of your face
Until you stopped me
I'd feel your neck too
I wonder what you'd do
If my hand came home to your lower back
And pressed you hard against me
I think I'd stop wondering
I could feel the blood like Siamese twins
Between us
And now you've finished talking
And look at me that way
The pinpoints of your eyes
Caress mine as time is frozen for one, two seconds
It's hard to tell
It's so still
And so are you

 Alex Grey - Kissing 1983


Empty was how I felt
Flat as a crepe
Without the filling
I blessed the floor
For it kept me in one place
Even as I walked
Baby steps I hoped
For a love like you
To fill me
Like an empty container
Waiting in the closet
For some cold hands
To touch it
Eagerly anticipating
The drink

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm lying down seeing you/ as you smile at me/ your strength and ego are not the same/ I run to you with longing/ so precise it removes any doubt/ about what you and I are feeling/ I know when I write words/ they like a great love/ are always and forever bound/ by trees as paper/ turning yellow with age/ I can only hope to be with you similarly long/ living side by side/ with all of life's pleasures/ like a blue sky crisp in winter/ reflected in the snow on a lake/ I saw long ago/ I took a chance/ on standing in the frozen wilderness/ thinking this could end/ this could crack/ but I'd rather try anyway/ than forever live with wondering/ what could have been/ my feet slipped over the crystalline surface/ moving with freedoms long left behind / full of exhilaration/ brought me to the highest place/ just like your love/ I'm free but I choose/ to be encased in your sphere of passion/ and I see that life is suddenly/ beautifully real/ all the pain/ all the magic/ all the possibility/ I also see that/ in all this time/ I have been the one stopping myself/ from greatness.