Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Eyes and eyebrows to/your soul/
blue and a tongue and lips i/
could almost feel/on mine/
but I didn't dream about you
/just everybody else/and moving by me/
or standing next to me you/
feel the molecules move/as they do/
when there's a breeze/
when I fall into/the blue water/
deep pools/ that show/
my reflection and/I would love to/
but can't/taste something/of your skin/
the salt/the wax/they way 
your blue jeans fall/around your hips/
your ankles and/the way you walk/the width across 
your back/and the brown of your hair/pointing 
/your features/pointing at me/who me?
/fall on me then breathe/naturally/
with vision of the future/
because my eyes/have seen yours

 Gustav Klimt "The Bride" - unfinished

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