Friday, April 18, 2014


People disappeared into the mist
Like heartbeats thumping
And the same sight I saw before
Was still there
20 years later
I tripped again and again
My own angel was following
Telling me I was lost
In those long flowing robes I first
Saw him in
Lost in the deserts of Egypt
Where I had been before
And rode on a camel
Seeing the sky and many lights
We are here on the Earth
Yet not here, he said
Hold my hand forever
For I will always be here
And always have been
I woke from the dream laughing
So hard the tears cramped my eyes
Now I remember the desert, his hand,
And the sky
The wonder that most turn a blind eye
And through the many lives I've lived
All different places, different times
Have not left me unwanting 

 Lost in the Sand by Mimo Khair

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