Sunday, January 3, 2016

None Nearer to Me Than You

When I first arrived
You sniffed the air like
An animal at hunt
Closing in on me
Your eyes caught a look
Of recognition of
Some time past, some
Unexplainable sadness
And desire
A strength full of centuries
Turned to dust.

Then later after a while
We knew each other's words
And laughed like children
Who know the Truth
In life is free

Happiness bloomed with the spring
Everything innocent and fresh
Jacaranda came into being
Purple as always a mess
Left a stain on the sidewalk
And I realized a stain
Remained of the past.

Trying to avoid karma, and lessons
And all that
I slid into nothingness, just happy to ride straight as an arrow telling the truth as
I saw it


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