Friday, May 6, 2016

The Calling

There was static in the air
There was a time where
We all knew what we were doing
Not anymore
At least the stuff they tell you
It all went
Out the window
When it happened
And we screamed murder
And got angry
The stages of grief
They tell you can
Take months, take years
What if you don't have that
What if you have one lifetime
Of reverberation
From that one mistake
We planned it before
Before we even came here
That this was
Our Calling


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  2. Dear Safika, i have been there and I am every day of my life, yet I have come to the conclusion that it more than a calling , These are life lessons for our spiritual growth. We can either desperately search for the whys, but i found that was futile, because even if I found the apparent why, it did not change anything, gave me no peace, so now I look for the silver lining, the spiritual lesson. It has been very hard, in the face of hurt at the hands of loved ones, and even harder in the face of anonimous faces, institutions that were supposed to be lookikng after our well being, As I said before, it's hard, when our broken hearts let us know that even mended, the wound is still there under the scar we so carefully tended to, and today, on Mother's day is even more difficult. Love you Sufika! Alicia/ Ragualy

    1. Thank you for your words. I just got the message and I appreciate it. Our souls all process things on a slightly different vibration though the overall message may be the same. Sending you love back.