Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Waves of the Ocean - My Vaxxed Review

When I lost my innocence 
it was like riding a wave 
like pinpoint stops on a train
each image flashes through my mind 
something there
language disappearing 
hearing that he didn't have Autism
hearing that he did 
seeing a checklist 
finding out about biomedical
sitting in a room 
with a 1,000 other parents 
at a DAN conference
meeting Jenny McCarthy
who was just another parent 
doing what we thought was best 
sharing our story
one by one 
looking into someone's eyes 
and they never said I was crazy
or an Anti-Vaxxer
that came later
with #SB277
never knew about media manipulation
until the indignities of being ignored
took over
meeting more parents 
many who had learned from our mistakes 
Congressman Posey 
certainly something
it was hard to hope for something different
then Robert De Niro spoke 
the moment I showed up at Paramount
for a screening
angels were directing traffic 
and I felt like we were surfing 
a long powerful wave
I had hope
as more and more of us
stood up
my review is
see it
see if you can explain why
our Congress hasn't moved on this
why our doctors don't know 
see if you can explain
everything you've been told 
if there is anything
other than greed 
and evil
on a massive scale
that affects us all
see where it takes you 
call in the power of possibility 
endless magic 
and waves of the ocean


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    1. Thank you Donni! I hope you're doing well. It means a lot to hear when something I write touches someone. Thanks for letting me know.