Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm lying down seeing you/ as you smile at me/ your strength and ego are not the same/ I run to you with longing/ so precise it removes any doubt/ about what you and I are feeling/ I know when I write words/ they like a great love/ are always and forever bound/ by trees as paper/ turning yellow with age/ I can only hope to be with you similarly long/ living side by side/ with all of life's pleasures/ like a blue sky crisp in winter/ reflected in the snow on a lake/ I saw long ago/ I took a chance/ on standing in the frozen wilderness/ thinking this could end/ this could crack/ but I'd rather try anyway/ than forever live with wondering/ what could have been/ my feet slipped over the crystalline surface/ moving with freedoms long left behind / full of exhilaration/ brought me to the highest place/ just like your love/ I'm free but I choose/ to be encased in your sphere of passion/ and I see that life is suddenly/ beautifully real/ all the pain/ all the magic/ all the possibility/ I also see that/ in all this time/ I have been the one stopping myself/ from greatness.

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